Hue in vietnam, Vietnam explorer: Thanh Truc, Miss Jewelry 2011refuses to get her crown by cash

Thanh Truc, Miss Jewelry 2011refuses to get her crown by cash


VietNamNet Bridge – Thanh Truc, Miss Jewelry 2011, stated to sue anyone who says that she paid tens of thousands of USD to buy the crown without showing any proof.

Miss Jewelry 2011 Thanh Truc.

After the Miss Jewelry 2011 pageant closed on December 31, it was rumored that the pageant’s prizes were traded.

A contestant told a newspaper that one contestant paid VND700 million ($45,000) to buy the highest prize. However, near the final night, the cash had been given back to this girl because another one had paid VND750 million for the prize.

This contestant also said that the first and second runner-up titles were sold at the prices of VND500 ($25,000) and VND200 million ($10,000).

Thanh Truc, the first prize winner, said that she knew about the rumor through newspapers. Though newspapers did not mention her name but as the winner of the pageant, she was responsible to express her opinion.

“I confirm that I won the title by my own effort. Anyone who delivered the rumor is a heartless one,” Truc said.

“My father died when I was small. My mother suffered from a fatal disease and passed away on the day I participated in the qualifier round of this pageant. I did not have money to buy the title because my family is very poor. If I had money I would have not paid for the prize because it is unfair,” she added.

Contestant Tran Thi Hoa who criticizes the organizing board on the media.

“I will sue anyone who says that I bought the crown without showing any evidence,” the girl from the southern province of An Giang stated.

Truc wanted the police to investigate the rumor.

Minh Thuy, an official from the Gold Jewelry Magazine, the organizer of the pageant, said that the rumor is wrong. She said the organizing board struggled to hold the final night because of financial difficulty.

While the organizing board and the top winner denied the rumor, contestant Ngoc Anh from Hanoi told VNExpress that before the finale, she and some other contestants found out that contestant Cao Thai Ha knew the questions and answers of the interview round for the top five contestants in the final night. In the final night, Ha answered her question very smoothly.

Ngoc Anh said she had doubt that the winners of prizes had been arranged in advance.

Earlier, contestants Tran Thi Hoa and Cao Thai Ha told newspapers that they were forced to drink and receive guests of the organizing board at the Kobe Restaurant in District 3, HCM City.

However, some other contestants said that Hoa and Ha overstated the case. They said that this was only an extracurricular activity and contestants could attend on their demand.

Ngoc Anh said that Hoa did not win any prize at the pageant so she was angry and blown up the case.

The Performing Art Agency has asked the Gold Jewelry Magazine to explain about the rumor.

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