Hue in vietnam, Vietnam explorer: Peach tree in the cold weather

Peach tree in the cold weather


VietNamNet Bridge – The peach tree leasing market, which kicked off one month ago, has become hotter these days, as Tet comes in just two weeks. The rental is believed to be higher by 20 percent than the previous year.

Tran Van Lam, the owner of a peach tree garden in the peach village of Nhat Tan said on Tien phong that in 2011, a century-old peach tree could be rent for 5-7 million dong, while a stylized tree for 1-2 million dong.

He said that it always requires great exertion to take care for stylized peach trees, while it does not require much exertion to take care for old trees. Gardeners just began paying bigger attention to take care for old trees just two months before Tet. As such, renting old trees is more profitable for gardeners.

Do Van Hung, a gardener in Nhat Tan village, said that people nowadays tend to rent peach trees instead of buying them. Customers bring peach trees to display on Tet days and then give them back to gardeners. This allows them to save money, while professional gardeners have more professional care for the trees.

When asked about the prices, Hung said that an old peach tree is rent at the price equal to 80 percent of the sale price. Meanwhile, loyal clients can enjoy discounts, about 50 percent of the sale price.

People, after choosing the peach trees they want, negotiate about the rents with the gardeners, and then pay a deposit which is equal to 30-50 percent of the rent. After that, the gardeners will take the responsibility of taking care for the peach trees to ensure that the peach flowers blossom exactly on Tet days. Just one or two days before Tet, the clients would return and bring the peach trees to their home and only give back to the gardeners after the Tet holiday.

Gardeners at Nhat Tan Village feel optimistic about the peach crop this year. They say that it is cold and not too hot, flowers would blossom exactly on Tet days.

According to Hung, most of the clients, who ask for renting peach trees are agencies and businesses, which want to display peach trees on Tet days, while there are very few individuals from families.

However, Hung said that small peach trees would be sold well in some more days, priced from 400,000 dong to 700,000 dong.

Hung said that gardeners do not have to worry about the consumption this year, because the demand proves to be higher than the last year. Especially, a lot of people have ordered to buy peach trees to use as gifts to the bosses. “People nowadays tend to give original products as gifts instead of sweets or tea,” he noted.

The peach tree gardens in An Duong district of Hai Phong City have also heated up as Tet is nearer. This is the place which provides peach tree rent services. Customers not only come from Hai Phong, but also from neighboring provinces.

Most of the peach trees here are aged 5-7 years. Le Dinh Tuan, 55, the owner of the peach tree garden in Dang Cuong commune, said on Dat Viet that more than 30 peach trees have been booked by loyal clients

Tuan said that in the last several years, his business has become prosperous, because people tend to rent peach trees instead of buying them. If renting trees, they would save five percent of costs, while they can be sure that peach flowers would blossom in time.

“A peach tree which is five years old and has the height of two meters would be sold at 4-5 million dong. Meanwhile, if you rent it, you would have to pay 2 million dong only,” Tuan said.

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