Hue in vietnam, Vietnam explorer: “Melody at the end of autumn” lacquer paintings exhibition

“Melody at the end of autumn” lacquer paintings exhibition


Artist Michelle Pontie will present about 20 of her lacquer paintings that show abstractions about gentle moves of living beings in the universe based on Yin and Yang philosophy.

The “Melody at the end of autumn” exhibition will be opened this Saturday at Tu Do Gallery in HCMC’s District 1.

Pontie makes contrasts by the black color of paint and the white color of egg shells as background while other colors like gold, silver and red in the center create transitional effects from bright to dark in yin and yang theory.

Lines and cubes in her paintings look tottering as if they were swimming in the endless space. “To me, reaching back to the oriental thought, as closely as possible, is an imperious necessity and the coexistence of opposite grounds on Yin and Yang philosophy,” she said. Her works are based on, boosted by and revealed through a seeking poise between conscious reality and unconscious freedom, body and spirit, matter and energy.

She was born in HCMC’s District 5, but has grown up and been working in France. In 1997, she had a solo exhibition also at Tu Do Gallery and since then she has put on many solo and group exhibitions in Vietnam, France and Canada.

The show runs till January 20 at the gallery, 53 Ho Tung Mau Street.