Hue in vietnam, Vietnam explorer: Emerging of female artists new generation

Emerging of female artists new generation


In recent years the Vietnamese music industry has been lit up by a new generation of emerging female artists who can write their own songs and perform them with their hearts and their talent.

Le Cat Trong Ly

In 2008, this young girl from the central province of Da Nang amazed the local music community with her incredible victories, including Best Song of The Year and Potential Songwriter at the “Bai Hat Viet” (Vietnam’s Songs) songwriting contest with her soulful and poetic song titled “Chenh Venh”.

Since then, the student from the Da Nang University of Foreign Languages has continued to enchant many fans with her distinctive singing voice, the ability to play musical instruments, and a distinct songwriting style.

The 25-year-old singer’s music is inspired by local music veterans like Le Uyen Phuong, Trinh Cong Son, Khanh Ly, Tran Tien, Hong Ngoc, Phuong Thao and Ngoc Le.

“I can bring everything around me, from my daily confusions to an image coming to my head by chance, into my music,” Ly shared.

After moving with her sister to Ho Chi Minh City, Ly started her singing career as an underground singer at the city’s cafés and bars, and then shined like a phenomenon at the biggest contest for Vietnamese songwriters four years ago.

Last April, Ly released her first album under her name, which included seven songs out of the 30 she has written.

Five months later, she had a tour across Vietnam titled “Le cat Trong Ly – Vui” (Le Cat Trong Ly – Happy), and received positive response from local experts and audiences.

Thai Trinh

Young, talented Thai Trinh has slowly solidified her position in the local music industry after becoming a YouTube sensation in 2010.

Two year ago Trinh, born in 1993, caused a stir among the Internet users community with her cover of the song “The Show,” sung by famous Australian singer Lenka.

With pure beauty, a gentle singing voice, and skillful guitar playing, Thai Trinh performed the song and made it a sensation.

The 19-year-old girl has chosen a long but certain road by composing and singing her own songs

Her latest song, titled “Dung Yen” (Stay Till), brought her the Best Song of The Month and Best Singer awards at the “Bai Hat Viet” contest last December.

“Phiêu dạt bước chân, gió mênh mang với đôi bàn chân…hay là đứng yên, biết quanh em trần gian dừng lại, (Let the wind take your feet around or stay till and feel the world stop spinning with you), she wrote in the song.

“It’s hard for new songs to conquer listeners,” she shared. “But I believe in myself,” she added.

Mai Khoi

With an acoustic guitar as her frequent companion, Mai Khoi is known as a singer and songwriter of love ballads.

Since releasing her first written song in 1995, “Cam Ranh Que Toi” (Cam Ranh My Hometown), about her hometown, the young, beautiful and talented Mai Khoi has released more than 6 albums comprising 50 self – composed tracks.

Two years ago, Khoi’s patriotic song "Vietnam" won Vietnam’s Best Song 2010. The young singer said she hoped to make the song, which is in Vietnamese and English, an introduction about Vietnam to the world.

Khoi also said she wanted the song to portray a bright and fresh spirit of her country through the eyes of a young Vietnamese like her.

“The award is an inspiration for me to continue writing songs with meaningful messages to society,” Khoi shared.

“Composing and singing what I wrote makes my music life exciting,” the 29-year-old singer added.


This 19-year-old from Hanoi is one of the representatives of a new generation of female rappers in Vietnam.

When she started her rapping career at the age of 14, the girl was known for her cute and pure songs about love. But things changed when Kim talked to a prostitute to make a documentary in 2009.

“After meeting her, I realized that I was wrong, since I used to criticize prostitutes,” Kim said.

Since then, Kim has shocked people by singing out loud what she thinks. Her songs turned more social by talking about much-discussed issues like the distance between social classes, domestic violence, sex education and HIV patients.

“Good girls, they don’t talk about sex. They’re afraid to talk with mom and dad. It’s a long way to go if they want to talk with their teachers about sex. Friends also have no idea. Sex – someone call it love. Sex – someone take it pain,” Kim wrote in her song.

The young woman is also a role model for a young, positive generation who wants to be themselves and keep moving forward no matter what happens.

“I’ll still go ahead. I’ll still have my dreams. A long life is waiting for me. Dawns will come with hopes. Faith makes me strong enough to live. A new day, a happy day, a not-lonely day is coming,” is one of the messages she gives the youth.

Source: tuoi tre news