Hue in vietnam, Vietnam explorer: "Poem" hat in Hue

"Poem" hat in Hue


lagnonbaithotayho1 Conical hat has appeared and brought  a legend. The legend of the conical hat is related to maternal love and the history of rice growing in Vietnam. The legend says, when a deluge of rain was falling , a giant woman was wearing on her head four huge round leaves as large as the sky itself and stitched together by bamboo sticks. The leaves protected humankind. The giant messenger from the sky twirled round the leaves on her head to dispel clouds and rains.  One day mankind dozed off as they listened to stories narrated by her. When they woke up, the goddess was gone. The Vietnamese built a temple in her memory and honored her as the Rain-shielding Goddess. Following her example, people went into the forests to fetch broad and round leaves which they stitched together on a bamboo frame to make the hat.   Now, the two best known and best liked are the conical hat of Chuong village in Ha Tay province, north of Hanoi, and the "Bai Tho", hat of Hue, the old imperial city. Poem conical hat in Hue is more precise. Walking around Hue City,  tourists will catch the images of local ladies in white ao dai (Vietnamese long dress) and non la (conical hats) on their heads walking in the street.  It is no doubt that the ao dai is the traditional dress for Vietnamese women which firstly reveals hidden charms of Vietnamese women in tourists’ eyes.  The conical hat is the second thing to make a strong impression on tourists to Vietnam by its charm and romance.