Hue in vietnam, Vietnam explorer: The old tomb of Gia Long in Hue

The old tomb of Gia Long in Hue


LGiaLong3.gif (14206 bytes)In fact, the tomb of Gia Long is a group of tombs which include those of the Emperor's relatives. The whole compound is spread on a joint mountain with 42 small and big mounts, Dai Thien Tho is the biggest. The tomb of Gia Long is well known for its beauty. The Emperor's Tomb is located on a flat, big hill. In the front, Thien Tho Mount forms a natural screen,. In the back , seven hills raise like natural defenses. On the left, 14 peaks form the "left blue dragons" (Ta Thanh Long). On the right,  other 14 peaks form the "right white tigers" (Huu Bach Ho). To visit Gia Long's tomb, tourists can go by boat about 18 km along the Perfume river. Then land directly at the wharf of the tomb or tourists can go about 16 km by car to Kim Ngoc wharf and walk for some more kilometers.