Hue in vietnam, Vietnam explorer: Khai Dinh Tomb's one of the royal tombs in Hue

Khai Dinh Tomb's one of the royal tombs in Hue


The Tomb of Khai Dinh is located in Chau Chu mountain . Khai Dinh’s tomb is smaller than the tombs of other emperors in surface. However it is very elaborate. It is the result of the interminglement of different architectural trends such as European and Asian, as well as ancient and modern.
The overall construction of the tomb is an emerging rectangular structure with 127 steps. Entering the tomb area, visitors will climb a 37 - step gate with the biggest dragons in the country. Climbing 29 further steps, tourists is reaching the imperial audience court. There are two rows of statues are facing towards the court center. These statues are made of stone, a rare material in Khai Dinh's tomb. The courtyard is flanked  by two high and imposing pillars on both sides. The room of the Khai Thanh palace constitutes the main temple. The statue, the grave and altar of Khai Dinh is in this palace. The tomb of Khai  Dinh is one of the most surprising among the royal tombs of Hue.