Hue in vietnam, Vietnam explorer: Huong River, Perfume River brings a pleasant beauty

Huong River, Perfume River brings a pleasant beauty


Perfume River (Huong River) - Hue City
  Perfume River is truly a priceless godsend to Hue City. The Perfume River is 30km long. That is from Bang Lang to Thuan An estuary. In this region the stream runs quite slowly. The color of the Perfume River becomes darker when it runs along the foot of Ngoc Tran Mount .The river brings its fragrances of tropical flora. Probably that's the reason why the name of the river has been the Perfume River. Many people think that Hue city has peaceful, gentle and tranquil landscapes mostly thanks to the Perfume River. This river brings to the city a thoughtful rhythmical individuality and the pleasant-sounding limpidity  from a land of age-old culture.   The Perfume River has two sources, both of which begin in the Truong Son Mountain range and meet at Bang Lang Fork. The Ta Trach (Left Tributary) originates in the Truong Dong Mountains, It flows Northwest towards Bang Lang Fork. The shorter Huu Trach (Right Tributary) flows through the Tuan ferry, landing towards Bang Lang Fork. This river brings a individual beauty.