Hue in vietnam, Vietnam explorer: Duc Duc tomb in Hue

Duc Duc tomb in Hue


ducduc1.gif (13999 bytes)Duc Duc tomb is  the smallest and least ambitious royal tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty. However,  it possesses a special charm. The whole rectangular tomb has a surface of 3,445m2. Behind the gate, the Honour courtyard does not contain any stone statues .  Next  is another three-layer triple gate. It is decorated with ceramic chips. Inside are three altars which dedicated to the three emperors: Duc Duc (in the middle, with his wife), Thanh Thai (on the left) and Duy Tan (on the right). These two patriotic emperors (Thanh Thai and Duy Tan) and tombs of the Emperor's relatives  rest  in the back of Long An.