Hue in vietnam, Vietnam explorer: Dong Khanh tomb's in Hue

Dong Khanh tomb's in Hue


Dong Khanh Tomb is located on the land of Cu Si hamlet, now Thuong Hai village, Hue City. Dong Khanh Tomb belongs to Hue Royal Citadel.
It's construction lasted through the lives of four Nguyen Emperors (1888-1923) that's the reason why it bears the stamp of two architectural inclinations of two different historical periods. The tomb includes 2 areas: The worship temple and the tomb area.
hue-dongkhanh.gif (18769 bytes)- The worship temple: 
  In the main temple and its dependent houses, visitors can find the familiar splendid red and gilt pillars with decoration of four seasons and four holly animals.  Moreover,  there are 24 drawings which consist of illustrations from "Nhi Thap Tu Hieu", historical references about pious examples in China.
- The tomb area:
The design of the tomb is almost completely Europeanized from its decorative models to the building materials.