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century old high school in Hue


Quoc Hoc High School is a secondary school in Hue city  Thua Thien Hue province,  Vietnam. Built  on October 23, 1896 Century Old High School  is the first and oldest high school in Vietnam . It was built on the site once known as the Admiral's Palace , a royal naval base established in 1806 (the fifth year of King Gia Long’s reign). Quoc Hoc High School is located on the bank of Perfume River. It is a beautiful campus with many large shady trees, stone benches, and French architectural designed buildings. It is also the largest high school campus in Vietnam. It contains a big football field, basketball court, five badminton courts, a swimming pool and a medium stadium.

The school was built on the site of a former squadron headquarter - a royal navy headquarters.
In 1915 when the decree annulling Emperor ancient exam in the province and the ancient exam of the capital in the North were issued, Quoc Hoc high school was rebuilt.
The rows of thatch roofed apartments were torn down and replaced by two rows of buildings, the wall made of brick, the roof covered with tiles. It was solid and comfortable according to the western European architecture. Most of the architectures are still extant.