Hue in vietnam, Vietnam explorer: Bloating fern – shaped cake is a specialty in Hue

Bloating fern – shaped cake is a specialty in Hue


Bloating fern – shaped cake is a variety of small steamed rice cake or rice pancake in Vietnamese cuisine. It is white  color.  Its  feature is a dimple in the center, which is filled with savory ingredients including chopped dried or fresh shrimp, scallions, mung bean paste, crispy fried shallots, fish sauce, rice vinegar, and oil. 

The ingredients include rice flour, tapioca flour, dried pigskin, ground shrimp, green onion and oil.

The way to make this kind of cake is quite simple:
- Put rice and tapioca flour into a large bowl. Make 3 cups of cold water, season a little salt and a tablespoon of cooking oil then stir to make the flour melt in water.
- Put cold water into and place cups in the mould, boil the water for about 10 minutes, when the cups are hot, put flour into half of cup, steam in 15 minutes, when the cake is cooked, take out and let it get cold.
- Shrimp skinned and get out black line on the back, meat minced with shrimp, scent with salt, pepper and tops of onion
- Cook until the oil is boiled, put spring onion into and mix regularly in 5 minutes, ladle out into bowls, put shrimp and meat into and fry, then lift down.
- Place cake in plates, put shrimp and meat on cakes, sprinkle onion fat, enjoy with fish sauce and green chili
 Bloating fern – shaped cake is  a very popular nosh in Hue.  Come and enjoy!