Hue in vietnam, Vietnam explorer: Beef noodle, a popular dish of Hue

Beef noodle, a popular dish of Hue


Hue’s beef noodle  is the most popular dish in Hue. Its origin is from the Royal Hue City of Central Vietnam. The way of making a bowl of Hue’s beef noodle is not simple.  The broth is from cooking beef bones for a long period of time as well as a variety of different spices including lemongrass. A typical version of Hue beef noodle must include pork, roast beef, pig’s blood, Vietnamese salami, Hue’s style salami, shrimp sauce and chopped lettuce. In Hue, you can enjoy a good bowl of this noodle at restaurants in front of No. 84 Mai Thuc Loan Street  at night.  A bowl of  Hue’s beef noodle  can be delicious when its broth is clear, sweet, and has a fatty taste and aromatic smell. Having a fuming bowl of beef noodle with a little fish source and lemon, you are sure to feel cheery thanks to the peppery taste of chilli, sweet taste of the broth and meat.