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Quality Tours for Discount Prices


 July 20, 2011
The Saigontourist IKO Travel brand has offered economy tours in Vietnam in 2008. Since then the tours have drawn the attention and have been chosen by many visitors especially in the context of increasing inflation. The adoption of IKO travel in Vietnam has created a new way to enjoy travel for visitors with the motto "everybody can travel".
Doan Thi Thanh Tra, the head of Saigontourist's marketing office said that economy tours are drawing the attention of numerous visitors especially students and teachers because the price of these economy tours are usually cheaper than normal tours (about VND500,000/person). Currently, Saigontourist is offering economy tours to Da Lat, Nha Trang and Phan Thiet. Economy tours are different from cheap tours because the tour quality, sightseeing, food and accommodation are similar to normal tours.
Saigontourist has developed the content of these economy tours based on the departure time of tours and their close relationships with its partners including restaurants, hotels and airports.
Saigontourist is not the only company that has taken the initiative by offering economy tours. Vietravel is also offering attractive economy tours. Several popular tours include the four day Hong Kong Disneyland Wax Museum tour for just VND11.79 million/person, a VND2.2 million discount against normal price; an eight day tour to Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra for VND49.99 million (a US$200 discount against normal price); a seven day tour to Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka for VND44.99 million (VND8 million discount against listed price).
Pham Anh Vu, the head of product development for Vietravel said the company had successfully implemented the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism's stimulus program with its attractive economy tours. The price of almost all inbound tours has dropped by 35-50 percent while outbound tours have decreased by US$30-100. Tour quality has been maintained. Most clients are concerned that cheaper tours will mean poorer quality. Therefore, they are very interested in the quality and content of tours. To diversify their content, the company has taken the initiative in adding special attractions to the tours.
To meet the increasing demand of families and groups of 6-10 people and to increase the quality of economy tours, many travel agents have paid attention to consulting visitors about hotels, transport vehicles or develop tours for them.
The representative of Vietravel said that the company has coordinated closely with its partners including restaurants, hotels and airports to offer special prices for visitors who participate in the company's promotion program for attractive economy tours while ensuring tour quality.
Economy tours have drawn the attention of clients in an unstable market. Receiving a strong response from clients, economy tours are expected to generate considerable income for the country's tourism sector./.
Source: VEN